Week 8 Blog

There have always been fears regarding privacy and the control of the government. When we are moving into the concept of Government 2.0 we are talking about the government moving into a more transparent and to make the government a collaboration project. On this subject there seems to be a great push towards having the general public contribute in the issues which they feel need to be fixed. Personally however I find the idea unrealistic. While the success of the web-society JOATU proves there is room for this type of ‘no leader’ organisation on a general level I don’t find it possible. There is much debate which sees the government even moving towards digital voting appose to the traditional form of paper ballets. This is not to say it would not be beneficial within sections of the government, in my belief there still needs to be a more formal government body. When the discussion comes to transparency I feel there is a strong desire for this. For the idea of a collaborative government I feel they would first need to become more transparent so the public is able to attain a better understanding of processes and the reasons for decisions.

There was further discussion made in regards to the collection of metadata by the government without the knowledge of participants. The fear being with the metadata attained through the emails, text messages and all forms of contacts of participants the government are able to get knowledge of their network of friends and have an aggregation effect in the metadata allows for a picture to be painted of a person’s life. This transparency in how the government is doing this is of great interest to the public and thus the release of the information in sights such as Wikileaks or in the case of Edward Snowden have had a positive response. I think this is something which will be greatly increased in the future and further developed due to the high demand.



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